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AsianSIL’s Junior Scholars’ Conference feature emerging voices in international law

A Junior Scholars’ Conference will convene a day before the Biennial Conference, on 21 August 2019 at the University of the Philippines College of Law. The Junior Scholars’ Conference serves as a prelude to the highly anticipated region-wide forum, the 7th Biennial Conference of the Asian Society of International Law.

The conference will feature junior academics (untenured or within the first three years of a tenure track appointment), academic fellows (in pre-tenure track fellowships), post-doctoral fellows, and graduate students, presenting their papers on the very same topics included in the parallel sessions of the main conference.

The Junior Scholars’ Conference papers will also be guided by the main conference theme, “Rethinking International Law: Finding Common Solutions to Contemporary Civilizational Issues from an Asian Perspective.”

Over 75 junior academics from Asia and all over the world will be participating in the conference. Notable senior academics and international law practitioners will also be on hand to moderate the sessions. We highly encourage law students to attend, especially those with an interest in public and private international law, as well as those who are thinking of a career in the academe.

Registration is free for those who wish to attend the Junior Scholars’ Conference. Please click the link below to register. If you wish to attend BOTH the Junior Scholars’ Conference and the Main AsianSIL 7th Biennial Conference, please click the registration tab found in the home page. The registration rates are shown at the bottom of the registration form. Students get a special rate of USD $40.00.

Any enquiries about the Junior Scholars’ Conference and the 7th AsianSIL Biennial Conference may be addressed to:

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